We believe giving children the opportunity to stretch their physical ability, challenge their endurance and increase their stamina is important to the overall health of a student. Working though the challenges of winning and not winning allows students to not only build friendships through teamwork, but understand sometimes we learn more about ourselves and our friends by losing. This helps students adjust to change throughout their lives.
COL offers a wide variety of athletic activities for students. Each season of the year, students can be involved in sporting events. Most sports are for grades 5-8 with exceptions listed below.
Fall Sports
Cross Country
Frisbee Golf 
Volleyball (B-Team)
Volleyball (A-Team)
Winter Sports
Cheerleading (Grades 3-4)
Girls’ basketball (B-Team)
Girls’ basketball (A-Team)
Boys’ basketball (B-Team)
Boys’ basketball (A-Team)
Junior Raider Basketball
Introducing the rules, skills and terminology of basketball to students in grades 1-4.
4 Saturday sessions late Feb – March (Gr. 1-2: 8-9am; Gr. 3-4: 9:30-10:15am)
Spring Sports
Track and Field (Grades 4-8)