COL’s  Early Childhood Program is an awesome way to start your little one on their educational journey.
For most children, this will be their first experience in a school with other kids. Our nurturing, Christian-based environment fosters a love of learning, respect for others, and a positive self image. Each class provides stimulating learning opportunities that nurture cognitive, social-emotional, physical and creative development. Your child will discover the excitement of learning, build confidence, curiosity and develop new life skills.
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PreK & Kindergarten Highlights
Early childhood learning designed just for kids.
counting, adding, shapes
letters, phonics & reading
colors, painting, cutting
friends, sharing, respect
instruments, dance & singing games
Jesus loves ME
Imagination, Creativity and Play
At Crown of Life, play is a very important part of our Early Childhood program.  Learning to share, respecting our toys, friends and classroom is all part of the learning process.  Along with play we encourage imagination and creativity to foster a strong sense of self.  Each spring our PreK and Kindergarten classes put on a Circus for friends and family. In addition to the Circus, students get the opportunity to stretch their imaginations and act in the class play. What could be better than an evening of “Let’s Pretend.”
 Our principal
I love seeing the curiosity, excitement, and joy for learning at this age.  
 Our teachers

  • Shapes recognition
  • Counting skills-number recognition, number writing, counting by 1’s
  • Patterns-color, shape, animal
  • Bear Math-math story problems with bear counters
• Counts by 1s, 2s, 5s, and 10s
• Identifies, reads, writes and compares numbers to 100
• Patterning and sequencing
• Compares and orders concrete objects by length and/or height
• Compares and orders objects by weight
• Describes, compares, and orders objects by relative position and attributes
• Identifies days of the week and months of the year
• Tells and shows time to the hour
• Identifies seasons
• Identifies, describes, and counts pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters and one-dollar bills
• Reads and writes money to $1.00 using dollar and cent symbols
• Selects coins for a given amount and finds the value of a set of coins
• Basic problem solving skill
• Introduction to addition and subtraction

Pre K
Students discover through hands-on activities and group and individual station work
  • Life science - animals and their habitats
  • Physical science - mixing colors together
  • Earth science - weather  
  • Life science - explore animals and their habitats, senses, garden, trees and farms. We go on a field trip to the apple orchard where we learn first hand on the life cycle of an apple. We even get to pick apples from trees.
  • In class we grow a KinderGarden. The students pick their seeds plant them, water them, and watch them grow while recording their findings
  • Study of animals and their habitats – visit Sea Life Aquarium where we get a private class on the different habitats of the ocean. We even get to touch things on the water like sea stars.

Pre K
  • Study of students’ immediate world -our homes and families, our community and community workers
  • Collaboration skills - group/partner work during station time
  • Conflict resolution skills - taking turns, sharing, apologizing
  • Explore neighbors, community and the US - We learn more about our community by touring the police and the fire stations
  • Private tour of the International Airport – we talk to pilots and stewards while exploring the whole airport. On our tour we visit the Delta hangar where we get on an airplane and even sit in the cockpit while learning all about the parts of a plane and all it takes to make them fly.

Students get to practice hand-eye coordination and use small motor skills everyday by:
  • Basic cutting
  • folding
  • pasting
  • paint mixing
  • drawing
  • printmaking skills

Pre K
  • Cooperative games and themed activities
  • Light introduction to traditional sports and games – basketball, volleyball, kickball, four square, tag
  • Focus on cooperative learning through these activities – how to take turns, be a team player
  • We use parachutes  where students work together to create various shapes with the parachute including the Dome, Mushroom, and Clubhouse
  • Rolling and catching with a partner where pairs practice rolling balls and throwing bean bags to hoops and targets.
  • We learn different dances like The Bunny Hop, The Mexican Hat Dance, The Hokey Pokey, and The Conga.
  • Cooperative games like Stuck-in-the-mud where the object is to avoid being tagged by the taggers while freeing others who have been tagged
  •  “Color Tag” is where students avoid being tagged by standing in the “safe” color hoop.

We believe play is an essential part of children’s learning and development during these early years. Play will be incorporated in all aspects and lessons of the day.

Pre K
  • Language skills development - recognizing beginning sounds of words, linking same sound words together
  • Alphabet study - letter recognition and letter sounds
Through Literature students learn to appreciate words and their power. They travel to other realms and times learning cultures. The variety of literature is a fun way to expose students to different ways to solve problems. Our classroom utilizes a smart board where students do hands on activities to learn the letter sounds, counting, sorting, and phonics. Students use chromebooks to reinforce reading and math concepts.
  • Each student explores all the letters of the alphabet while learning to recognize what they look like, recognize each letter sound, and practice writing them correctly.
  • Putting the letters together, students learn to communicate through reading and writing.
  • Students learn high frequency words which allows them to memorize the word.
  • Students take home a book at their reading level each night to read to their parents. When reading at school and at home students build their confidence and their love for reading.

Pre K
Each spring students are exposed to Spanish.  They are introduced to colors and numbers.

Pre K
  • Explore music through instruments - shakers, rhythm sticks, xylophones, cymbals, chimes
  • Movement, dance, singing folk songs/nursery rhymes, and singing games
  • Group singing opportunities
  • Learn to play instruments like the maracas, cymbals, drum, and tambourine.
  • Learn to sing in tune, maintain a steady beat
  • Use songs to learn our days of the week, month of the year, coins, names for the bones in our bodies, and seasons
  • Students sing in church multiple times a year exposing them to having stage presence and singing with a group in front of people
  • Learn to move to music when the kindergarten and preschool put on a circus. Each student is an active participant in our circus. Some choose to be animals like lions and elephants while others choose to be dancers and gymnasts.

  • Movement, music, pantomime, and improvisation
  • Lessons through story dramatization, improvised story creation, and puppetry
  • Circus-opportunity to showcase fine art skills

  • Hear God’s Word through story form, act out Bible stories
  • Sing hymns, songs, and praises
  • Worship together in Matins

Our Early Childhood program focuses on  teaching Life skills through repetition and modeling in a safe place to learn

  • How to wash hands
  • How to dress to go outside in the winter
  • Appropriate table manners
  • How to line up and walk in a line
  • How to resolve a conflict with a friend using words
  • How to ask for help when needed using words
  • How/when to sit quietly during active listening time
  • How to take turns, share and be patient during wait time
  • How to be a helper and responsible with classroom jobs - line leader, calendar helper, door holder, toy patrol, snack helper
  • How and why to follow school rules to stay safe, keep others safe and show our love for God

COL Early Childhood a fantastic choice!
Flexible, affordable full or half day Early Childhood program
Energetic teaching staff who make learning fun! 
Facilities designed specifically for small children
10:1  (Student / Teacher Ratio)
Many outside opportunities for students to explore, learn 
Making friends has never been easier